Packrafting Rymben Creek, East Khasi Hills.

Sub-tropical vegetation while driving down to Wah Rymben (Rymben Creek)

En route to the now-famous Mawlynnong village is a creek that scores pass but few stop at. The most visible way down to the water is from the metal bridge that has a Border Security Force outpost guarding it. With a bedrock of limestone, sandstone and some spots of granite, Rymben creek is a low water technical paddle even in most of the Monsoon season. Slides and rapids are plenty in its sinuous traverse down till it empties itself into the Umngot river just before the village of Shnongpdeng and further down to Bangladesh.

Twin Waterfall at Rymben Creek

About 150 mtrs upstream from the bridge is a gorgeous twin waterfall  which is separated by a massive rock. Wild orchids grow among moss and other jungle vegetation. The pool on river left is deep enough to dive into. Locals use pipes at the top ot the waterfall to gravity-feed their water lines for an almost perennial supply of water.

Max turns back after a swim

Rapid #One – after the waterfall

Rapid #Two – watch out for the current pushing against the rock

Anatomy of Rapid #Three – Unobstructed on R.Right, undercut rock at R.Left

Rapid #Three – undercut rock carries on for about 15′ / 4.5m  in R.Left

Rapid #Three was probably the most fun to run. We ended up running it from the unobstructed flow on R.Right, swerving Left and turning Right again just above the boil. Having said that, Greg weighed much lighter so just went over the flat rock and plopped into the boil on R.Right. Max decided to test it even further by running the entire thing backwards. Directly where the water churns is a really nice deep pool in the dry season. Local kids jump off there and the “men” jump off the 50’/15 m high bridge.

Friendly Khasi at Rapid #Three

Anatomy of Rapid #Four

Rapid #Four is pretty straightforward. Anyway down is fun. Few things to notice – Circular hole at the top on R.Left is literally a deep “circular hole” in the bedrock. The rock ledge on R.Left is a long undercut rock. Downstream and not in the photo is the unobstructed bedrock slide that empties into a massive pool below the bridge.

Happy- Greg, Composed – Max
Packrafts by

In between work, i managed to knock up a little video. Paddle well!



  1. bonjour I’m Sarah I’m such a air head but I still really appreciated your blog

  2. What a beautiful place! Thanks for posting!

  3. Watergrl

    Thanks for showing us this amazing creek! Beautiful!

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