The 1st whitewater kayaking team in Meghalaya

We have the heaviest rainfall in the world, steep creeks and rivers, gorges and river valleys galore so apparently we have a lot of whitewater. Hmm..who would have guessed.

Surprised at being the first to explore the immense whitewater potential here, (and even more surprised to find packrafts and not kayaks on the rivers), the first hardshell paddlers to visit Meghalaya were a chilled out bunch from the UK
– Joe & Dan Rea-Dickins, Chris Griffiths, James Edward Smythe.

Shiny pictures and British tongue-in-cheek witticism up on the blogs below.

~ James’ post on the Palm Equipment blog.

~ Joe did a great piece for Pyranha as well.

~ Dan’s write-up on his experience.


“High” – Full Length Kayaking Film


Meghalaya Trailer for “High”

Paddling dates – 12th October, 2012 – 18 November, 2012

They’ve also done a noble deed by selling off their hardshells to locals.
It does look like the plot will soon thicken.

After paddling the different rivers here, someone mentioned “World Class Whitewater”.
Hence, there is now eager talk of planning a second trip of further exploratory paddling in 2013.
Lets see what the best laid plans of mice and men bring up…

Chris Griffiths running the Kynshi River, Khasi Hills, Meghalaya



  1. Awesome job guys!…Will follow your trail. Congrats to the team!

  2. Avnesh, the more paddlers we have on the water, the better a place the world is. Period!
    Drop us a line and we can sort out all sorts of hydro-shenanigans.

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